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Single- or double-sided custom print solutions are competitively priced and available with a wide range of sizes and paper types.

Quick turnaround service in the same day or next day is available on many of our products, including folding, binding and mailing services.

Print Time can help you find a colourful and well designed way to get the word out about the latest news or information from your business. With our expertly designed and printed brochures, flyers and posters, you will be able to attract all kinds of positive attention to your organization/business.

We offer quality printing for your:


Sometimes there is no better way to convey detailed information on your business, event or organization than with a brochure. A well designed brochure from Print Time is the perfect way to express the goals of your business or deliver important information in a visually appealing manner. Our classic tri-fold design lets you organize text in whatever arrangement you like.


With numerous customization options and attractive full colour templates, Print Time is sure to have the right brochure template you’re looking for. We can also make use of any preexisting designs you have already created, so you can get the exact type of look you want.


As always, you can count on Print Time to get your order printed and ready for you as soon as possible, so you can get started attracting new clients, or interest in your organization or event right away.


When it comes to printing flyers to advertise and event or sale, the more well designed, the better. Despite the emerging role of online ads and social media when it comes to spreading the word, there is still something to be said for an eye-catching flyer that effectively conveys important information to potential customers.


At Print Time, we are ready to help you create the perfect flyer for your needs. Whether you’re looking to display the flyer around your store, or circulate the flyer to advertise your latest sales and promotions, we have the right template to get you started. Our team of printing experts can provide one or two-sided designs in all types of colours and finishes from matte to full gloss. The design options for flyers printed at Print Time are virtually endless, so make sure to visit our Vancouver store to get started creating the perfect flyer for your needs today!


There are a lot of great ways to make use of a custom designed poster. Whether you want to communicate an important message or information about a product or upcoming event, or if you just want to make a great memory last, a professionally printed poster from Print Time is the ideal choice. To create a custom poster, simply bring your image to our Vancouver store, and one of our friendly staff members will help you create your masterpiece.


We can print posters in multiple sizes and formats, and can easily include text in whatever font you wish to use. You can also include a border with your poster for an event or celebration to give people space for signatures or personal messages. Bring your creative poster ideas to Print Time today and watch us make them come to life!


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